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Special Menu

Tokyo Grill Special

Stuffed Chicken Roll  $ 7.50
Chicken breast meat with Spinach Cheese and ham rolled inside and deep fried to perfection

Tuna Tataki   $7.75
Seared Tuna sliced thin and serve with Tataki Sauce

Ginger Chicken Bowl   $6.25
Chicken cooked with ginger sauce serve over rice

Mango Chicken Bite   $5.25
Bite size chicken breast tempura deep fried serve with spicy mango sauce

Bonsai Shrimp   $6.25
Lightly fried popcorn shrimp cooked with our chef’s sauce served with Wasabi Ginger and Spicy duck sauce

Tempura Calamari   $5.25
Lightly fried Calamari cooked to perfection and served with our spicy duck sauce

Steak Tatki   $6.25
Seared Rare Steak, slices thin and serve with spicy ginger sauce
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